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Solar Success
We’ve heard the complaints about solar — failed inspections, underperforming systems and out-of-state teams who disappear as soon as you sign.

That’s not how we do things at Steel City Solar.


With every project, we deliver premium service and are here to support your solar needs now and in the future.


Experienced team

Our trained, local team knows how solar works in Southern Colorado.


Highest inspection pass rate

We boast a  95% inspection pass rate — that’s higher than anyone else installing in the region.


Properly sized systems

We build your system to meet 90% of your energy needs (the most allowed by law). We’ll never undersell you just to win your business. 


Competitive financing

If you chose to finance your panels and meet the credit requirements, you can expect the best rates available.


Master Electrician

Our founder, Jim Brown, is a master electrician. You can rest easy knowing that your plans meet county and city codes.


Local customer support

We’re headquartered in Pueblo West, just off Hwy 50. If you need us, we’re a local phone call away.


Knowledgable sales team

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers at our fingertips. Our team isn’t outsourced, so they know their stuff.


Transparent costs

Never wonder what’s happening with your system. Our app will give you real-time feedback.

Steel City Solar Intstallation
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Wondering if solar is a bright idea?

Steel City Solar makes enjoying green energy easy and affordable. Go solar with Southern Colorado’s top, local installer and zero out your electric bill.



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