Solar Power in Walsenburg, Colorado–Make the Switch to Clean, Free Solar Energy

Capture the free energy of the sun and tame those out of control energy bills with solar installation in Walsenburg, CO.

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The Smart Way to Get Your Electricity is with Solar Power in Walsenburg, Colorado

Looking to make the switch to solar energy in Walsenburg, Colorado? You aren’t alone! Thousands of your Colorado neighbors are enjoying the perks of solar energy. It’s easier than ever to upgrade your home or business and start saving with solar power in Walsenburg, Colorado. Steel City Solar is a provider and installer of solar panels for both residential and commercial locations in Walsenburg.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Those Unruly Energy Bills?

It’s never a fun surprise to see your energy bill has doubled or even tripled what it was the month before. With energy rates rising and weather extremes causing us to need to use more energy to keep our homes comfortable, there doesn’t seem to be any end to the squeeze our energy bills are putting on our wallets. But there is hope! Solar panels take in the free energy from the sun, giving you an endless source of energy and electric power. Therefore, if you’ve seen your neighbors’ homes getting outfitted with solar power in Walsenburg, Colorado, and wondered if it’s right for you, now is the perfect time to find out.

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  • Great business to work with. From the beginning with the sales rep all the way to the end with setup and activation. Very friendly and got the process done quickly. Very pleased!

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    Kaycee Medina
  • Steel City Solar was very Professional from the installation process all the way to the loan process! The crew came in and respected my property and did a great job! Rachel & Ashley were very helpful and seem to love their job! They are local & that means everything! Very pleased! Highly Recommend!

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    Rick Romero
  • Had an appointment today at 5pm an nobody showed up. Looks like I made a mistake, the internet was down all day and they were unable to access their schedules. Steel City made good the next day by contacting me and coming out the same day.

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    Anthony Colletti

Solar Panels Help You Save Money while Helping to Save the Planet

Imagine a home upgrade that not only helps your budget but helps the environment too! That’s just what you get when you add solar panels and solar installation in Walsenburg to your home. Unlike fossil fuels and other sources of energy here on earth, the sun’s rays are free and sustainable. The more we use solar energy, the more we’re breaking away from the energy sources that contribute to climate change and air pollution. Even better, solar energy is a sustainable energy option that is totally free. There’s no better price than free, wouldn’t you agree? Adding solar panels to your home sets you free from being at the mercy of energy prices that seem to continuously increase. When you install solar panels, there and many perks including:

Free Energy

From the sun

Earn Energy Credits

The ability to earn energy credits on the surplus power you can produce

Consistent Power

The security of the electrical grid, so you always have consistent power

Ease of tracking

Ease of tracking your energy consumption with the handy Steel City Solar app

Walsenburg, Take Advantage of All Those Sunny Days

If you live in Walsenburg, Colorado, you know just how beautiful the climate can be. Enjoying around 75% sunny days a year, just think of the energy your home can produce with today’s high efficiency solar panels. Here at Steel City Solar, we’re locally-owned and locally-operated. 

We understand Colorado and are committed to helping residents make the switch to cleaner, cheaper solar energy. We live and work in the region, it’s our home and that’s important. We not only install solar panels for homes and businesses, but we’re also here to help service and upgrade them when the time comes. You can count on Steel City Solar to be here for all of your energy needs. That might be why we were voted best solar provider by southern Colorado residents.

Steel City Solar is:

Trusted Professionals

An experienced team of expert solar electricians and technicians

Local support

A local employer who helps train and support the local workforce

Community Focus

A company that cares, actively contributing to southern Colorado communities

High quality service

A team committed to using high quality premium solar equipment

What Our Customers Are Saying

Local & Loving It

Call Us Anytime

We work hard so your system runs perfectly. But if you need us, we’re just a local phone call away, (719)-569-5166

Supporting the Region

We’re providing jobs, training and certifications to create a stronger, more skilled Colorado workforce.

Colorado Pride

Local means our employees are your neighbors. Your dollars stay here, supporting local organizations and the professional certifications of our team.

It’s the perfect time to add solar power

Technological advances in solar panels make this the perfect time to add solar power to your home or business. Learn more about the new generation of highly efficient, budget-friendly solar panels. As always, there’s no commitment and no cost to reaching out for a quote with Steel City Solar. We’ll be happy to come to your home, provide a quote and expert strategy to maximize your solar energy production. It couldn’t be easier to equip your home and make it an energy producer! Ready to enjoy the benefits that solar energy brings? Reach out and schedule a visit to your home or business.