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Tired of riding the endless energy bill roller coaster? Anxious about the rising, unpredictable costs of conventional energy? Trinidad, Colorado now has a great option for residential and commercial solar savings. Steel City Solar has helped thousands of your Colorado neighbors make the switch to solar. And now we can help you experience all the benefits that include lower energy bills and increased property value.

Cut the Cord from High Price Energy Companies

There’s never been a better time to make the switch to clean, sustainable solar. Did you know Trinidad, Colorado is an optimal location for taking advantage of the sun’s free energy? That’s right, Trinidad receives 60+ more days of sun on average each year than the national average. That means more over two more months of free energy making days! It’d be a shame to let all the sun and free energy go to waste. If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to constantly rising electric bills, Steel City Solar can help you harness the power of the sun quickly and easily.

Common Solar Panel questions and answer
Best of Pueblo Awards 2019 and 2020 - Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know that I was very pleased and impressed with this team that came out to the house to do the install. They worked very hard to install 22 panels in a single day. The electrician, Parker Holman and the foreman (don’t remember his name) were excellent, always keeping me appraised of their progress. Nothing but appreciation for the Steel City Solar team!
    I found this company to be reputable and highly recommend doing business with them if your looking at going forward with solar panels.

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    James Larimore - DOC
  • We had solar installed in January and have really enjoyed the lower bills from Black Hills especially this summer, only the meter charge of $10.50 versus the usual $200. The customer service has been awesome, between working with Dan who informed us of the benefits and Ashley who has answered many a question that we had. Thank you guys so much! This is THE local solar company to go through.

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  • Steel City Solar has been great throughout the entire solar process. Matt made the design and sales process a breeze. Duncan handled all of the permits and inspections without a single issue. Install was done in 3 days from start to finish. Couldn’t say enough good things about this company. Highly recommend.

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    Frank Montoya
  • Extremely impressed with the quality of work from Steel City Solar. This team was a pleasure to work with.
    Dan the Sales Director assessed our current power needs plus room for growth without going over our budget. We did not want to have a power bill. Dan did the math and set it up to where we would break even on our power bill given our amount of solar intake. The new meter needed was on back order so, the job took 2 weeks longer than initially planned which caused us to have 2 power bills
    (San Isabel power bill and Steel City Solar equipment fee) in the month of December. Steel City Solar paid our San Isabel bill to honor the initial agreement of no overlap on bills.
    Nate is competent and fielded any mechanical or work scope question I had with 100% confidence. He coordinated the maintenance guys who were very professional and showed up in single digit temps ready to work. They also helped us do non-solar projects in our shop; installed lights, ran electric to my office and re-wiring to meet safety standards. The journeymen service techs knew the job AND the job scope without me having to bird-dog. I didn’t feel like my house was under construction.
    Rachael in customer service was an integral part and facilitated communication between departments to address our needs.
    Highly recommend. Why is everyone not doing this. Solar is a no-brainer. Once we’re done paying off the equipment they financed me for, I won’t have a single power bill. Zero $ down and my monthly payment is what my old San Isabel power bill was anyways.

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    Carolyn Wagner

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Steel City Solar is a locally-owned solar company. We’re committed to Colorado and supporting our communities. Because of this, you can trust in our service and reliability. Unlike other companies who just pass through an area, we want to be your long-term resource for all of your solar needs. That’s how we were voted favorite solar company by your Colorado neighbors.

With Steel City Solar, you can count on:

Trusted Professionals

A team of experienced, award-winning solar expert electricians, installers and technicians

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Community Focus

A company committed to supporting Colorado and local communities

High quality service

using premium solar brands you can trust

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We work hard so your system runs perfectly. But if you need us, we’re just a local phone call away, (719)-569-5166

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We’re providing jobs, training and certifications to create a stronger, more skilled Colorado workforce.

Colorado Pride

Local means our employees are your neighbors. Your dollars stay here, supporting local organizations and the professional certifications of our team.

Trinidad, Colorado is the Perfect Location for Solar Energy

One of the things you probably love about living in Trinidad, Colorado is the beautiful sunny skies. Now you can make those sunny days work for you. Imagine getting credits from your energy provider, instead of skyrocketing bills. Solar power with Steel City Solar has many perks. You’ll keep the security of your power grid. That means your power always stays consistent on cloudy days and during the night. You can track your energy use over our convenient smartphone app. And with Steel City Solar, you’ll even have the option to add a backup battery, so even when there’s a storm and your neighbors’ power goes out, you can keep humming along with uninterrupted energy. 

It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to upgrade your home to solar power. And best of all, you can get a free, in-person, no-commitment custom quote for your home.

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