Southern Colorado, Save Big on Those Energy Bills with Earth-Friendly Solar Power

If you live in Southern Colorado, you’re living in one of the best places in the U.S. to take advantage of the money-saving benefits of solar power. Read on to learn more about why Southern Colorado is the perfect place to save big with solar.

Take Full Advantage of Southern Colorado’s Sunny Days

You’re probably already enjoying the astounding number of sunny days Southern Colorado experiences. It’s commonly said that the region receives a remarkable 300 days of sun a year. That majority of sunny days makes Southern Colorado perfect for making the switch to solar power for your home or business. It’s a gift worth not wasting – free, clean energy!

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Solar Is the Smart Way to Fight Rising Energy Costs

We all can agree, paying more on your energy bill is no fun. We know you work hard and believe you deserve to keep your cash to spend on better things than your electric bill each month. And that’s where the FREE energy of the sun comes to the rescue. Unless you’re reading this at night, right now the sun is probably beaming its rays down on your home. Don’t let all of the free energy go to waste. Steel City Solar is here, ready to help you capture solar power in Southern Colorado and reap the rewards. We’ve helped thousands of your Southern Colorado neighbors make the switch and now we think it’s your turn to jump into the smart way to tame those out-of-control energy bills.

Best of Pueblo Awards 2019 and 2020 - Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • After talking to a few solar companies, we decided to stay local and go with Steel City Solar, who also gave us the best deal. They recently installed our system and everyone involved, from the salesman, the office staff, the installation crew, electricians and QC guy were super friendly, helpful and nothing short of professional! (Sorry, names escape me at the moment.) Installation was fast and only took two days- roof panels on the first, then the electricians did their job the second. Now we're just waiting for Black Hills to do their part and install the meter and flip the switch.

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    Michael Hernandez
  • I had a grid tie solar system installed on my house about 12 years ago. My roof suffered some storm damage so the solar system needed to be removed and then reinstalled after a new roof was put on. The crew from Steel City Solar did a great job! They were friendly, professional, and took the time to do things right. Kudos to the office staff also. They kept me informed and appraised of billing and scheduling. I highly recommend this company and would hire them again without hesitation.

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    Tom Misel
  • We had solar installed in January and have really enjoyed the lower bills from Black Hills especially this summer, only the meter charge of $10.50 versus the usual $200. The customer service has been awesome, between working with Dan who informed us of the benefits and Ashley who has answered many a question that we had. Thank you guys so much! This is THE local solar company to go through.

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  • Had a terrible experience when I used big dog solar to do my solar installation. Everything from blowing sparks across my house to them forgetting to get a building permit prior to putting the panels on the roof. I have since had steel city solar help me fix all the problems that was caused by big dog solar and let me tell you what if you know anyone looking to go solar these guys are the guys you want to go with. Extremely respectful and do such amazing work. Will never recommened anyone besides them and they will always be the only company I use for all my solar needs in the future. Huge thank you steel city solar!

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    Nick Robinson

Not All Solar Installers Are Equal

Here at Steel City Solar, we’ve seen the results when businesses and homeowners choose the wrong solar installation company – unfinished work, inferior panels that don’t capture enough energy, project delays and companies that roll into town and then ghost their customers when they head off to another state. Don’t let those horror stories happen to you. You can avoid all of those headaches by choosing a reliable, respected and committed solar company that’s a part of the Southern Colorado community. 

Steel City Solar stands out from other solar companies in many ways:

Local Professionals

We’re a team of Southern Colorado residents, an experienced crew of master electricians, highly-trained technicians and installers, who live and work in your community

Community Support

We’re a supporter of the local Southern Colorado community, a local employer and mentor for local students who want to enter the industry

Voted Best

We recently won Best Solar Company, voted on by your neighbors! We’re super grateful for everyone’s support and praise!

High Quality Service

Steel City Solar only uses high-quality premium solar panels and materials, so you know you’re getting an installation that will soak up sun and efficiently convert it to energy and a system that will last for years to come!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Local & Loving It

Call Us Anytime

We work hard so your system runs perfectly. But if you need us, we’re just a local phone call away, (719)-569-5166

Supporting the Region

We’re providing jobs, training and certifications to create a stronger, more skilled Colorado workforce.

Colorado Pride

Local means our employees are your neighbors. Your dollars stay here, supporting local organizations and the professional certifications of our team.

Help Your Wallet and the Environment at the Same Time

You want to do all you can to help the environment, reduce the use of fossil fuels and pollution. With solar power, it’s an easy choice, an investment that not only makes a significant positive impact to helping our planet while also getting you off of the money-eating roller coaster of traditional energy companies. 

Remember, with solar panels from Steel City Solar, you get to keep the security of the power grid, so your energy never gets interrupted on cloudy days or at night. Your home or business will hum along with zero interruption. And you can also cash in when your solar panels produce more energy than you use! Now you’re seeing how beneficial solar power can be to your budget. The next step is easy. Just click here to schedule a free, in-person quote that factors in all of your home or business’s unique features.

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