You’ve probably seen our Steel City Trucks all over Pueblo, Colorado. That’s because we both install and service the solar installations that other companies have installed. Unlike some solar companies who just pass through town to make a few quick installs, we’re locally owned and operated. We give back and invest in the community because it’s our home. We’re committed to the residents of Pueblo, that’s why we love to talk about our after-care service commitment.


What is Solar Panel After-Sale Support?

You’ve decided to lower your energy bills and go with a solar system to power your home. It’s been determined what system is best to meet the needs of your household and you’ve signed the quick and easy paperwork. But what if something unexpected happens after that?

Steel City Solar is there for you after the sale, with support and service so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.


What kind of after-sale support does Steel City offer?

There are two different kinds of maintenance available. Solar panel and PV system maintenance. We can clear snow and dirt from your panels. That’s part of our routine maintenance of your system. PV system care involves making any necessary repairs or upgrades should there ever be a need in part of the system.


How quickly will you arrive?

We get our trained electricians and technicians out to you the same day or within 24 hours. Also, it’s important to remember that even when a panel needs a repair, you won’t be without power since your system is tied to the energy grid.


How often do solar panels and systems need maintenance?

Normally, most solar systems need very little maintenance over their 30-plus year lifespan. If your system was installed by another company we could address any issues upon inspection of that system. Maybe there are some inferior parts or a component was incorrectly installed. There could also have been some other factor that was caused by the weather that could have damaged the system. But usually, most solar systems need very little maintenance to keep them running properly.

Solar systems, unlike other energy systems, have almost no moving parts to generate the energy you need to power your household. All they need is the power of the sun!

The inverter is the most complex part of your system and is usually the only part that ever has any problems. All of our inverters have warranties that will cover any maintenance that could occur in the first 10 to 25 years of service. We also provide warranties for our solar batteries.


What happens if my panels are damaged?

Most solar systems need little maintenance once they have been properly installed. But unexpected things can happen, and here are the most common.

Damage to panels

There is a strong layer of tempered glass on each solar panel. Our panels are designed to remain strong even in the worst weather conditions without cracking or breaking. Solar panels can withstand the impact of hailstones an inch thick in size and falling at 50 mph. (Most hailstones are half that size and fall at around 20 mph, but extraordinary things can happen). Also, solar panels can withstand winds up to 140 mph (equal to a category 4 hurricane).

Arc Faults

If there is ever a large discharge of high power between the conductors on the system it can cause them to overheat. This overheating can not only melt the wires, it could even catch fire. But the inverters we install are equipped with an arc fault protection system. If any overheating occurs, the inverter automatically shuts down before any damage can happen to your system. We call this “fault mode.”

Ground Fault Circuit Interruption

If an electric current locates a path to the ground, it will cause an alert. For safety, the inverter is designed to immediately shut down. These sorts of interruptions occur if for some reason there is excess moisture in the junction box. It can also be caused by cracked or broken panels or wiring damaged by small animal pests.


How can I tell if my system needs maintenance?

If you think something is wrong with your system or you feel that it is in need of maintenance, check to see how much power your system is generating. This can be achieved by reviewing your most recent energy bills (look at the current output and compare it to last month and even the same month in the previous year), or by checking your monitoring system.


Can I remotely monitor my system?

Yes, we offer panel-level monitoring when most companies don’t. Our app allows you to not only monitor the system, but the individual output on each panel installed. This way, your technician can see how much energy each panel is producing.


Will you repair solar systems that another company installed?

Yes! We serviced and repaired solar panels installed by other providers who have left the area or are no longer in business. If you have any questions, the Steel City team of professionals is just a phone call away.