Get Through Long Colorado Winters with the Help of Solar

If you’re a business or homeowner who already has a solar system or if you’re thinking about going solar, it’s important to know what the output of solar power is through the different seasons. Depending on where you live, there could be some variations in the output of the system throughout the year. 

Do solar panels produce less energy in winter?

The great news is: Your solar system will have no problem adjusting to the changing seasons. You’ll be able to enjoy a cozy winter and still enjoy the perks of making your own energy! There are plenty of long sunny days for the panels to absorb sunlight to convert to energy to power your home or business in the winter. Here in Colorado, we get over 250 sunny days a year, so it makes it an especially good climate for solar power generation. We’ve compiled a few of the most common questions about the seasons and how that can affect your solar system.

Can I monitor my energy use?

When you have a solar system in place the great thing is you can see the savings in real-time. You can have energy data delivered to your home computer or smartphone. This way you can see when the system generates the most power, what your peak times of usage are, and more. You’ll have up to the minute data to show you how much power you’re using throughout the whole year.

You’ll also be able to see what the peak hours are for energy consumption even when the hours of daylight are shorter. The majority of households use most of their power during daylight hours so even when daylight savings ends you should see a minimal impact on your energy usage. If you see a spike in energy use in the evenings you may want to reassess your energy usage habits so you won’t have to use any surplus power from the storage battery or grid. 

Should I install a back-up battery?

Having a battery backup in place will alleviate your fear of not having enough power when there’s severe weather that causes power outages across the grid. Remember, your energy consumption is tied to the grid, so you never have to worry about your electricity being affected on cloudy or rainy days. You won’t even notice when your system needs to rely on the grid for power. 

Solar panel systems and batteries work very well together. Any power you don’t use that’s been produced by the system during the day gets stored in the battery as surplus so you can draw upon it later. The battery will power your home during community-wide outages.

It’s best to contact an experienced solar pro to install and set up your battery if you don’t already have one. You can have a battery backup included when your system is installed, but if you opt to add one later, it’s best to have a technician do it so that it’s done correctly and safely connected to your home.

What if the forecast calls for snow?

When we “fall back” and turn our clocks back, it’s a sure sign that shorter days are ahead. Although the reduction in sunlight, you won’t notice any difference in your electric service during any winter weather event.

As we all know, the weather in Colorado can change at a moment’s notice. It can go from a full-on snowstorm and turn into a bright sunny day a few hours later. It’s always important to pay attention to the local forecast, but having a solar system in place you probably don’t have much to worry about when it comes to winter weather impacting your home’s overall power supply.

What about snow and ice?

Although a heavy snowfall may require that your panels be cleared of snow, we don’t advise climbing up onto your steep slippery roof, it’s too dangerous! Leave that to the professionals. The good news is that for most average snowfall and ice, your solar panels will have no problem clearing the snow themselves. Your solar panels are black, which means they easily and quickly absorb heat from the sunlight shining on them. Within a few hours of a snow or ice storm, you should see your panels shedding the snow and ice and getting back to the job of generating electricity. 

Now Would Be A Great Time To Contact The Solar Energy Experts

If you are thinking about saving money on your energy bills and also helping to conserve energy, then you need an experienced solar company to assist you in your switch to solar power for your family. Here at Steel City Solar, we take pride in knowing our community is enjoying the full benefits of renewable energy. Winter is a great time to install solar panels, so you’ll be ready to take full advantage of next year’s summer sun. Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation solar estimate for your home. Give us a call at 719-569-5166 or visit our website today.