The Benefits of Solar During the Hot & Sunny Summer Months

Solar panels don’t just power your air-conditioner on scorching hot summer days, they also take over some of the AC’s work themselves. Based on a study at the University of California at San Diego, rooftop solar panels produce emissions-free electricity and also cool roofs and buildings where they are attached. This reduces cooling costs and offers an additional benefit of going solar.

Did you know Pueblo, Colorado has 50 more sunny days on average than other parts of the U.S? That makes the Southern Colorado region perfect for solar installations. On average, Pueblo can expect 259 sunny days a year!

Another good reason to install a solar system this summer is to take advantage of the longer days and abundance of sunshine. Solar Panels collect more energy from the sun during the summer, making sure the solar system not only reduces power costs but can run the entire household. It’ll potentially reduce and even eliminate your monthly electricity bills, saving you money!

Technology for Our Tough Weather Elements

New advancements in solar tech help it thrive during southern Colorado’s wild summer weather. We’ve had some interesting weather already this season — how about that hail storm? — so we wanted to take the time to reassure you that your solar panels are designed to withstand all the dramatic seasonal changes summer has in store for our local Southern Colorado region. Here’s a few reasons why now is a great time to get your solar install and take full advantage of the most intense sun days of the summer this year.

Solar Panels and Summer Thunderstorms

Thunderstorm season is here and many homeowners prepare their homes to withstand severe weather. These storms can often cause widespread power outages, many times when you need electricity to keep air conditioners running the most. Homeowners who’ve invested in solar panels may wonder if they will lose power.

Your grid-tied solar power means when homes that just get their energy from the electric grid in your area,  then your home will, too. But, homes with solar have an option that will keep their homes running smoothly, even when the grid is down.

Solar Panels Paired with Back-up Batteries Means You’ll Always Have Power

Back-up battery storage has become extremely popular here in Southern Colorado. We seem to be installing them in one of your neighbors’ homes every week. And there are good reasons for their popularity. These back-up battery systems allow you to store your solar energy in batteries for later use. During an outage, energy storage systems are crucial to keeping your power going. They allow you to power appliances, keep phones charged, WiFi and security systems running, and most importantly, your refrigerator running! That’s right, no more spoiled food because of that summer thunderstorm.

We can help you evaluate the minimum power you’ll need from your back-up battery so you’re well prepared for weather-related outages.

Wind, Hail, and Solar Panels

Steel City Solar uses the Unirac solar mounting system. It’s designed for a fast installation that stands up to intense weather scenarios. Unirac’s SOLARMOUNT is a complete solution with universal clamps, a full UL 2703 certification, and a 25-year warranty. SOLARMOUNT will provide you with the peace of mind that your solar system is safe during severe weather. At Steel City Solar, our focus on using high-quality products from today’s leading manufacturers is what sets us apart.

We utilize SunPower solar panels that are resistant to even the worst hail storms. The panels are tested to ensure that they’re capable of withstanding hail storms. Solar panels are certified to withstand hail of up to 25 mm (one inch) falling at 23 meters per second (approximately 50 miles per hour). That’s a pretty intense pummeling that the SunPower solar panels are built to withstand. Steel City Solar is one of only a few authorized SunPower dealers in the Southern Colorado area, giving us the ability to offer some of the most durable panels in the country.

Maybe you have older solar panels that were less durable to the effects of hail. If you’ve had damage to your solar panels during a hail storm there are solutions!  Removal & Re-installation (R&R) is the process of temporarily removing solar panels or the entire system from a structure, reinstalling them after damage, re-roofing, remodeling, or relocation. R&R timelines vary depending on the scope of work, so it’s best to begin the R&R process as far in advance as possible to help get your system back to generating energy as quickly as possible. By choosing Steel City Solar, we can ensure that your problem gets addressed efficiently. Our crews are constantly traveling throughout Southern Colorado serving client needs and those of homeowners who had someone else install their solar system but now need maintenance and service. You’ve probably seen our trucks, we log a lot of road time around the area working on installations and maintenance calls.

The Three Types of R&R

  1. Roof Work (No Remodel)
  2. Remodel
  3. Relocation

Reach out to us at any time to get a free estimate on your R&R needs. You can chat with one of our specialists directly if you have questions about the R&R process. If you’re changing your roof type, we’ll help you to figure out the best solar panel installation for your needs.
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