It’s been a crazy month, hasn’t it?

We hope that as you spend time at home that you can take comfort in knowing your solar panels are working away, helping to cover your increased energy needs.

We also know that spending time at home means not spending time at work, which brings a lot of uncertainty for you and your family. We’d love to help you have a bit more spending money coming your way

That’s why we’re reminding you about our solar referral program.

Solar Referrals

For every friend that you send our way who installs a solar system through us, we’ll give you $500. Cash.


There are three easy ways you can tell your friends about us:


1.   With paper

You’ve got some referral cards in your welcome packet. Write your name on them and pass them on.

2.   By Phone

Use the Steel City Solar app to make the referral or text your sales rep with their information. 

3.    Through the web

Send your friends to to request a free estimate and make sure they use your name.


And here’s the best part—there are no limits on your referral rewards! We’ll give you $500 of cold, hard cash for every referral that installs solar panels with us.

And please know this—we are always here for you. If you have questions about your system or issues with your panels, let us know. We’re here to make it right.

We’re in this together.


–Your friends at Steel City Solar