Did you know that Steel City Solar has a solar referral program?

The new year is here and if one of the items on your New Year’s Resolution is to bring in some extra cash, you’ll want to continue reading. 2020 was a challenging year for many of us, mentally, socially, and also financially. So why not make 2021 kick off on the right foot with some extra hundreds in your pocket.

Steel City Solar wants to reward you for referring friends. With our referral program, you’ll get $1000 cash for every friend you refer who gets a solar system installed with us. A pretty easy way to pocket a nice chunk of change, right?

solar referral program in pueblo


With the holidays in our rear-view, now is a great time to catch up with a call or Zoom with friends. What better time to mention to them your experience with Steel City Solar and pass along the benefits. You’ll be giving them a great referral to a trustworthy solar company that will help them save money on their energy bills. And, you’ll be getting some extra cash in your wallet when they sign up for our solar system install. That’s an easy win-win.

While you’re telling them about your great experience with Steel City Solar and our reputation for high-quality customer service and low-pressure sales, don’t forget to remind them of all the benefits a solar install comes with.

Cut Your Energy Costs With Solar Energy

Solar Savings

Obviously, this is one of everyone’s favorite benefits of solar power. By obtaining energy from the sun, solar power arrays convert this energy into usable electricity. That means less energy is consumed from your power grid. It’s also great to let friends know that they’ll still be connected to their community’s electrical grid. This means they’ll never have to worry about not having electricity. On rainy days or at night, the grid will be there to provide any electricity they need. Don’t forget to remind them that with the right solar array install, they could generate a surplus of power, which could earn them a credit on their electric bill.

Solar Tax Incentives

Let your friends in on the good news that the federal 26% tax credit has been extended for two more years. It was set to drop by several percentage points in 2021 and since this federal extension happened around the holidays of 2020, many people might have missed the news. For those not familiar with the tax credit, it’s easy to explain. 26% of the cost of your solar installation can be applied to your federal return as a tax credit. You won’t have to pay taxes on that amount of your income.

There are also some state tax incentives to let them know about. For instance, solar installs are excluded from sales tax, which can be a savings of hundreds of dollars. In addition, here in Colorado, property taxes won’t increase due to any added home value that a solar install brings to your property value.

Clean Energy

It’s also important to point out that solar power is clean renewable energy that uses the power of the sun instead of fossil fuels, natural gas, or nuclear power. Solar power helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and can help reduce greenhouse emissions that contribute to climate change. There’s no air or water pollution with solar power like there is with fossil fuels such as coal. It’s a great way to do your part toward living a more sustainable green lifestyle. And that’s something everyone can feel good about.

Refer a Friend, Earn $1000 With Our Solar Referral Program

Remember, for every friend or loved one you refer to Steel City Solar, who decides to get a solar installation with us, you’ll get $1000 cash. The best part of our solar referral program is that there are no limits to the number of friends you can refer or referral rewards you can earn. You’ll get $1000 cash for each successful referral that installs a Steel City Solar system. And all it takes is a conversation with a friend and a few minutes with us. We’ve made the process super easy so you can do it whenever you have a spare minute.

We have three easy options for sending your friends over to Steel City Solar.

  • Referral Cards: These can be found in your welcome packet. Write your name on them and carry them with you so you’ll always have one on hand. Pass them along when you run into a friend or someone asks you about your solar install.
  • Phone: If you haven’t already downloaded the Steel City Solar app, you’ll want to get it on your mobile device soon. It’s full of handy solar tools like a messaging center and monitoring. On the app, you can also directly make a referral. Of course, you can always go direct and text your sales rep with your referral’s contact information.
  • Online: Direct your friends and family to SteelCitySolar.us/contact where they can request a free estimate. Just remind them to include your name so you get credit for the referral.

Five Ways to Discuss Going Solar with Friends

With everyone home more this is a great time to introduce your friends to solar and earn some cash from those referrals. Here are a few easy ways to reach more potential referrals.

  1. Promote a “Going Solar” virtual info session with a social media event. Let people know you’ll be sharing your experience as well as the reasons to switch to solar soon over an online group meeting like Zoom.
  2. Go LIVE on social media and give all the details of your solar experience. Don’t forget to include a link to Steel City Solar and remind people to mention your name when setting up their free estimate.
  3. Make a list of your friends, family, and colleagues and send out an email to everyone nearby who might be interested in solar power. Include the Steel City Solar website link and instructions to mention your name.
  4. Text your neighbors to let them know you had a great solar experience. From your solar installation to savings on your energy costs let them know why you are excited. They may be in the market for solar too.
  5. Show off photos of your array and even your electric bill and invite people to contact you to learn more about solar. Photos always get people’s attention!