Commercial solar power is a big part of the future of clean energy. Commercial solar, or as it’s commonly called, C&I (commercial and industry solar) covers a variety of client types, project sizes, and solar designs. It offers the greatest scope of flexibility and offers the greatest possibilities from ground mount to numerous rooftop designs and utilization.

Steel City Solar is proud to have completed a solar project for Pueblo Community Health Center. This project serves as a model for the possibilities solar can offer to other facilities in the region. 

Pueblo Community Health Center Goes Solar

When you think of healthcare facilities and hospitals, their first priority is to care for their patients. But these organizations also want to cut energy costs and do their part for the environment and the communities they serve. Many medical facilities are energy-intensive buildings. Pueblo Community Health Center has made the progressive choice to pursue a zero energy strategy. 

Having a long history of responsible energy use, we knew we could help them achieve their energy goals. Their facility was built in 2009 and is four times larger than the facility it replaced. Steel City Solar installed an energy-efficient, 50-kilowatt solar array. Thanks to this solar array, Pueblo Community Health Center has been able to lower its energy expenses by 25%. 

The City of Pueblo set a resolution with a goal of using 100% renewable energy sources by 2035. As one of the leading healthcare providers in Pueblo, the Pueblo Community Health Center took the step to align its sustainability goals with those of the community’s vision. When they were constructing their new East Side Clinic they decided to pursue a zero energy facility. It’s the first zero-energy outpatient state-of-the-art health facility of its kind in Colorado. 

Solar Power Helps Achieve Zero Energy Goals

The aim of zero energy for the Pueblo Community Health facility started in the early stages of design and development. Once they began to develop the idea of a zero-energy facility during the formation of the building, the excitement to reach that goal became infectious. The board and management were very enthusiastic at the prospect of improving the way in which power was used at the clinic.

It was determined early on that a solar array, designed and installed by Steel City Solar, would be the best available technology for on-site energy production at the facility. Our solar systems have a track record for high reliability and low maintenance. We can also provide backup energy storage systems. This made Steel City Solar the perfect match to meet this health center’s energy goals.

By placing the solar array above the building’s parking canopy on the roof, the solar technology provides a visible and easily understood symbol of the Center’s commitment to renewable energy. The solar system works in conjunction with the building’s energy-efficient design and will achieve its zero energy goals for this facility.

What Is Commercial Solar?

It may seem like a simple premise, solar power for businesses instead of for residential properties. But C&I encompasses businesses of different types and sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. It can also include schools, universities, hospitals, local governments and nonprofits.

Normally, C&I solar projects are rooftop systems on buildings or ground setups. The power range can vary from kilowatts for a small church to megawatts for larger commercial properties. Commercial solar projects can be installed in ways where the cost can be split between business owners and building tenets to meet their needs. There’s also an emphasis on several different financing structures for the parties involved and the comparison of the fact that solar power is cost-competitive with most utility energy sources. 

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Power

There are many advantages to moving to a solar-based system for commercial tenants, owners, installers, financiers, and most of all, the environment. 

For owners of commercial properties, the benefits include longer lease terms, increased operating income, and cash flow. For tenants, the reduced operating costs occur through the savings on monthly utility bills which is a tangible benefit.

Whether you’re already utilizing commercial solar power or are interested in transitioning your business property to this clean energy source, you can get more information from us today at Steel City Solar. We understand the needs of businesses and can help give your company a competitive edge with energy cost savings. Our goal is to inform business owners and help them to increase their understanding, providing innovative perspectives on how the commercial solar sector works and how it can benefit their business. 

Here at Steel City Solar, we’re very excited about the potential of C&I solar power as another key factor in the growth and further development of solar energy here in Colorado!

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