Happy 2022! We’re very excited for the new year and we hope you are too. We’ve all experienced challenges these last few years, but we want you to know that Steel City Solar is here to help you grow and thrive.

Recently Colorado experienced some wild weather and extremes. Catastrophic fires made national headlines as 2021 came to a close. After a year of disastrous drought in Colorado and across the country, the fires scorched and destroyed hundreds of residences, forcing thousands of people from their homes. Six thousand acres and close to one thousand homes were burned before New Year’s Eve.

Then snow and wind pummeled the area. Because the seasons have become warmer and drier over the last few decades, intense fires have become more common. Colorado’s fire season was once May through November but now it continues through the year.

These intense weather experiences have inspired many to look for ways to make changes in their lifestyles, to be less reliant on fossil fuels and more eco-friendly.

As we enter the new year, we’re here to help make those changes possible! Steel City Solar offers a convenient process for homeowners, businesses, and farms to take advantage of the eco-friendly, budget-boosting benefits of going solar. That includes a no-hassle, no-commitment, free on-site estimate. It’s a new year, so take advantage of all the advances in solar energy. Let’s make 2022 the year we do better for ourselves, our community, and our planet!

With that in mind, here are a few more ways to make the most of your 2022 resolutions.

Budget-Friendly Resolutions for 2022

Buy less food: Here’s a great resolution you may not have thought of before. By buying less food you’ll eliminate waste because you won’t be throwing out expired items or tossing out all those wilting vegetables in the bottom of your fridge. Only buy items you’re definitely going to consume over the next few days. This will reduce waste and uneaten food from your cupboard.

Order online less: We all know it’s easy and convenient. Packaging, shipping, and delivery of online orders all increase our carbon footprint. It’s better to make a trip to the store and carry a reusable bag to save on waste. If you must order something online maybe opt for second-hand garments or refurbished devices and housewares. If you’re not ready to make this sustainable choice yet be sure to at least recycle all cardboard shipping containers properly. Every act makes a difference!

Review autopays: Take a look at the money that’s been taken out of your account over the last few months. Are any of those expenditures fees or subscriptions that you no longer use or need? Now is a great time to plug those monthly money drains by canceling unwanted subscriptions.

Home Resolutions for 2022

Plant a garden. Think about possibly growing vegetables and fruits in your yard this year. When plants grow they release oxygen into the air which helps fight pollution. The more food you can grow at home the fewer trips you’ll have to make to the grocery store each week. You’ll also know exactly where your food came from and the process used to grow it.

Reduce time in the shower. Did you know that the average shower wastes twenty gallons of water? If you’re a person who enjoys an especially hot shower, there’s even more energy used! Set an egg timer in your bathroom for five to ten minutes and get busy. That should be enough time to get cleaned up to start your day. Or you can bring your phone in there and play some music. Make a resolution that after two songs, you’re done!

Do your laundry less and skip the dryer. This is an easy one. Many people are in the habit of wearing something once and then tossing it in the hamper. Why not wait until it actually needs washing? If it smells okay and isn’t wrinkled or stained, wear it again! The washing machine uses a lot of water and power for each load. Try using only cold water, and environment-friendly detergent, and make sure you’re using more energy-efficient settings. There’s nothing wrong with hanging your garments on hangers or on a drying rack or clothesline. Who doesn’t love the smell of clothes that were dried on the line outside in the fresh air?

Help the Environment, Your Budget, and Home this Year

Solar panels are a terrific way to reduce energy costs, improve the energy efficiency in your home and help the environment. You’ll also be doing your part to contribute to local businesses and support your energy independence in the community.

Reduce your energy bills. On sunny days you’ll generate more energy than you’ll consume. On cloudy days you’ll be able to draw from your grid. Indirect or even diffused light will help power your home effortlessly.

Earn tax credit and rebates. You can get a substantial percentage of your total system cost back on the installation and equipment in the form of a federal income tax credit. It can be as high as 30%! For example, if your system costs $25k, you’ll save up to $7k that year. Combine that with any local or state rebates and the costs can be cut in half. There are even Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) available. These credits are generated by your system throughout the year and you can sell them to your local utility companies which can generate substantial returns to you on your initial purchase.

Help the environment and your community. Solar systems draw their energy from the sun. This helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and also combats greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuel is a finite resource that generates harmful gasses when burned and is the primary cause of global warming and the current climate crisis here in Colorado and globally. Also, the price is constantly fluctuating and can increase at a moment’s notice.

By utilizing solar power you’re not only reducing the use of coal and other resources that pollute the environment, but you’re also improving human health in your community. When you replace fossil fuels with clean solar power from the sun, you’re reducing your overall health cost by improving your environment starting right inside your own home.

Let’s make the right choices in 2022. We’ve all been through a lot over the last two years and real change begins with us. Now is the time to examine the benefits of switching to solar power for a sustainable future for our families and our community.

If you’d like to learn more or get a free estimate on how you can reduce your energy costs and make a difference reach out to us at Steel City Solar. You can go to our website or give us a call today at 719-569-5166. One of our award-winning professionals will be happy to help you!