Congratulations on installing a solar power system!  As your installation process wraps up and you receive approval to turn on your system, we suggest you take a minute to visit the Black Hills Energy website and enroll in the solar continuous roll-over program.  Here’s why:

Solar power and the seasons

As you know, your system will produce the most electricity in the months with longer, sunnier days. This means you’ll be producing lots of energy—probably more than you can use—in the summer. Conversely, your system will produce less energy in the months with shorter, darker days. Depending on your energy usage, you may consume more energy in the winter than your system can create.

Net Metering

The good news is that the excess power you create in the summer doesn’t go to waste.  Your energy system is connected to the grid. Using the net metering system, you’ll send your excess power to the grid to be used elsewhere. Conversely, you can also draw extra power from the grid when your system is not producing, like at night or dark days any time of the year. (Read more about net metering for solar power.)

Rollover vs excess production payments

If you are a Black Hills energy customer, you have a choice about how your excess energy is credited. From January to December, Black Hills keeps track of how much energy you both consumed and contributed. If, at the end of the year, you have contributed more energy overall than you consumed, you will either be sent a check to pay for the energy, or you’ll receive a credit that will roll over into the next year.

At Steel City Solar, we highly recommend you choose to roll over your energy credits.

Getting an end of the year bonus check sounds nice in theory. But in practice, you’d be getting that check just as you are heading into the darker, smaller-producing months. If you happen to consume more energy than you generate January-May, you will have to pay for the difference—resulting in a higher electricity bill.

If you roll over your extra credits, though, those credits will help make up for the difference in the winter months, and your electricity bill will stay low—like it does the rest of the year.

You must opt-in

Black Hill’s default program for solar customers is the end of the year payout. You must specify in writing that you want the continuous roll-over program. The easiest way to do that is to fill out their online form here. Once you fill it out, the change is permanent, and you won’t have to enroll again.

Here to help

We’re excited for you to start enjoying the benefit that solar power will bring to you and your family’s life.  If you have any questions about your system, please don’t hesitate to call us at (719) 569-5166 or contact us through our app. As your solar energy partners, we’re committed to giving you the best experience possible for the lifetime of your panels.

The future is bright!