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Have you been itching to ditch the grid completely? Steel City Solar designs a solar power system that will provide for all of your electricity needs.



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How Do Off-Grid Solar Systems Work?

Traditional solar systems generate electricity and convert it into the current that you need to power everything in your home, but you still stay connected to the local electricity grid.  Why? Your panels won’t always make enough energy for your daily needs (think of cloudy days) and they don’t make any energy at night, so the grid provides the energy you need during those times.  If you want to go completely off the grid, you need a way to store the energy your panels produce so you can access it during non-productive times.

Enter batteries. In addition to installing panels and inverters to your home, we also install heavy-duty rechargeable batteries that will store the electricity your system produces so you can access it any time. With your stored energy available on-site, you can disconnect from the local grid and be completely energy independent.

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How much electricity do you need?

To design a system that’s just right for you, we’ll need to determine your energy needs.  We’ll need to know details like how many rooms and outlets the property has, how many people live there, what kinds of appliances/electronics you use, and how often you live there (year-round, for the summer, for a weekend, etc). We’ll make sure the system we design will provide energy for you even though the worst weather Southern Colorado has to throw at you.  Think of how happy you’ll feel during the next power outage when the rest of the block is in the dark, and you’re putting popcorn in the microwave for a snack during movie night!

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Where can you put your system?

If you are within city limits, your solar system will be installed on your roof.  If you are outside city limits, you have an additional option: a ground array. Using our rackable system, we can stack up to four panels in the footprint of a single panel, allowing you to get all the panels you need in a smaller area.

We have installed systems anywhere you can think of, even drilling down into solid mountain rock.  If you can build a house there, we can install solar. The sky’s the limit!

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