There’s a lot that’s good about solar installation in Southern Colorado. Colorado’s favorable environmental incentives mean homeowners have tons of options when going solar. 

The downside is some of the companies in Colorado for the solar gold rush use shady tactics to get your business. Common practices include low balling the number of panels needed, not employing master electricians, and poor customer service after installation.

How do we know what these solar companies are doing? Their customers call us to come in and make things right.

Several of our Southern Colorado neighbors were caught up in bad solar deals and took their story to the local news. Unfortunately, those residents are now dealing with high electricity bills and even liens on their homes because of the irresponsible practices of this solar company.

In today’s market where solar power is rising in popularity, Steel City Solar is committed to revolutionizing the solar installation industry with premier customer service during and after the sale and installation of your solar panels.

How to Choose The Best Solar Panel Company In Colorado

Choosing the best colorado solar company

Problem 1: Remote headquarters

While the big company names might be recognizable to you, they’re usually headquartered out of our region. We hear from a lot of frustrated homeowners that:

  • they never saw their sales team after they signed the contract. 
  • customer service at the 1-800 line is less than helpful
  • phone calls go unanswered and unreturned

The Steel City Solar Fix:

Steel City Solar is proudly headquartered in Pueblo. We install solar not just in Pueblo, but across Southern Colorado — from Monument to Trinidad and from La Junta and Alamosa. We offer our customers:

  • Free solar panel monitoring app
  • A service number that is a LOCAL call
  • Ongoing support from our team of Southern Colorado-based electricians

As invested members of the community, we hire and train local residents and give back to our community. As your lifelong energy partners, if you ever have a problem with your solar system, we guarantee we will be there to help.

Problem 2: Under selling to make the price look better

Shady solar salesmen are known for under-estimating the size of needed solar systems. To make the price appear lower, they may quote fewer panels than are needed. This leaves customers disappointed to find that they still have large electricity bills even after making a significant investment in going solar.

The Steel City Solar Fix: Transparent pricing

At Steel City Solar, we strive to be completely transparent in our quotes and designing solar systems that are right for your property. If your solar system won’t create enough energy to 100% offset your electricity bill, we’ll tell you! Likewise, if your property isn’t ideal for solar, making the investment not worth the time and money, we’ll tell you!

In fact, our company has worked with dissatisfied customers of other solar installers to expand their solar systems to actually produce the amount of energy promised by shady salesmen!

Problem 3: Subcontracting the installation

 A huge problem that the customers in the news report face are sloppy business practices from the solar company that directly affect them. Because the solar company didn’t pay the panel installers, the installers were able to take out liens on the customers’ homes, due to no fault of the customers.

The Steel City Solar Fix: We install what we sell

best solar panel company in Colorado - Solar Panel RemovalWhile we take pride in our business practices, we avoid that problem altogether by installing all the solar systems that we sell, with no subcontractors whatsoever. In fact, Steel City Solar installation often is a subcontractor for other solar companies.

Our team of master electricians and solar panel installers are ranked #1 in the region with the highest inspection pass rate of Southern Colorado. We stand behind all of our installations and get it done right the first time, saving you time and money.

Problem 4: Solar Panel Quality

The problem with cheap panels is that their production efficiency drops off and might not outlast your loan. You don’t want to get to the end of your panel payments, only to have to replace non-producing panels and start all over again. 

The Steel City Solar Fix: Premium solar panels

Steel City Solar installs only premium quality panels from high-efficiency industry leaders SunPower, Solaris, and SolarEdge. You’ll get the leading solar technology and highest quality panels that are designed to produce at full efficiency for over 20 years. 

 Want to know more about how Steel City Solar Can Help?

We see you not just as a customer, but as an energy partner. We’ll do everything we can to make your new Solar Panel purchase and solar transition easy, fast, and satisfying. 

Call us today to set up a free, in-home consultation with one of our representatives to see how going solar with a local company can benefit you and your family.