Pueblo West deserves a trustworthy solar panel install and energy company that gives back and supports the community. That’s why we started Steel City Solar in 2016. Since then, we’ve made multiple investments in the community. That means helping thousands of homeowners and businesses make the switch to solar energy. We couldn’t be more proud of the response we’ve gotten from the residents of Pueblo, Colorado. You’ve voted us your favorite solar company three years in a row and gave us stellar reviews. For us, that shows we’re doing something right! In 2022, we’re looking forward to continuing to over-deliver and give you cost-saving solutions to sky-rocketing energy costs.

Thank You for Voting Us Best of Pueblo!

We’re so grateful that you, the people of Pueblo, Colorado, believe in our efforts. We commit to staying local and providing excellent service and installation in the Southern Colorado region. We’d like to say an enormous “thank you” for voting us Best of Pueblo! You’ve made us a 3-time winner of Best of Pueblo: 2019, 2020, and 2021. (Published by The Pueblo Chieftain.)

Speaking of Best of Pueblo, it’s time to vote again. You can nominate a business for a chance to win Best of Pueblo by visiting the official site. We’d love for you to vote for us again and make Steel City a four-time consecutive winner for the best solar business in the Pueblo, Colorado region. Voting for your favorite business to win Best of Pueblo 2022 runs from July 19-31, 2022.
We also want to take a moment to thank our satisfied customers for giving us such great testimonials and reviews and getting us ranked Number One on SolarReviews.com.

We’re Locally Owned, Locally Operated, and Locally Focused

From the start of our company, we’ve focused on being an integral part of the community. That’s why we are so active in sponsoring events, providing excellent customer service to our clients (who also happen to be our neighbors!), and being a responsible employer in providing long-lasting, quality jobs for the Pueblo community.

Cultivating talent and careers has always been an important part of the Steel City Solar philosophy. We believe building a quality, dedicated team is the only way to provide the highest quality service to our community. We also want to be a resource that gives long-term career opportunities to members of the Pueblo community. To date, we’ve created more than 50 jobs and are training 10 future electricians. Investing in the future of Pueblo is important to us. It’s why we took the initiative to be a founding partner in the FAME program at Pueblo Community College, which helps students transition into high-quality careers.

We’re Proud to Help Colorado be a Part of Positive Change

The positive response of the Pueblo community has overwhelmed us. So many of you have decided to make the switch to solar. This not only cuts the cord on roller coaster energy bills but contributes to reducing our need for fossil fuels. We’ve helped over 3000 homes go solar and we look forward to installing the next 3000 solar systems soon!

As a trusted partner of the San Isabel Electric Empower Program, we’re proud to be a part of helping Pueblo residents to become more energy efficient. Thanks to the Empower Program, you can identify the problem spots in your home that are wasting energy.  And Steel City Solar will be there to help you every step of the way.

Ready to experience the great feelings and benefits that come with going solar? Here’s what customers love:

  • Receiving FREE energy from the sun!
  • Having the security of the grid, but the cost-savings of generating your own energy
  • Doing your part to reduce fossil fuels and being a part of the solution to climate change
  • Having the comfort and dependability of Steel City Solar’s top-notch service team
  • The ease of having Steel City Solar help you through the financing process

Reach Out and Find Out Why We’re Pueblo’s Favorite Solar Panel Installation Company!

Get to know why the Pueblo community voted us Best of Pueblo. We’re happy to provide a free at-home consultation and answer all your questions about solar installation, maintaining the security of your electric grid, and how to make your home more energy efficient. Reach out, schedule your consultation, and we’ll show you why we’re rated number one in solar services!