Tired of Playing Chicken with Your Electricity Bill?

Us too!

We know what it feels like to feel helplessly strapped to your electric company while your rates skyrocket.

If you’re like us, you’ve opened an electric bill or two that has made your head spin (and your wallet hurt).

There is another option!

Since 2016, Steel City Solar has partnered with homeowners across Southern Colorado to create their own power and stabilize their bills.

Tyler and Jim at Steel City Solar

Our Founder

James Brown—master electrician and Centennial High School grad—believes that faceless, big electricity companies shouldn’t wield so much power over our hard-earned money. He founded Steel City Solar to help you cut your strings to electric companies and take charge of your family’s energy production.

About Steel City Solar Installation team

Our Team

We’re proud Southern Colorado residents and natives! Our team of XX includes XX electricians, XX South, XX Central, XX Centennial, XX East, XX County, and XX Pueblo West grads.

Wandering if solar is a bright idea?

Steel City Solar makes enjoying green energy easy and affordable. Go solar with Southern Colorado’s top, local installer and zero out your electric bill.

Getting Started Today

Worry-free, clean, cost-effective energy in 3 easy steps:


for a free, in-home consultation.


while trained professionals design and install your custom energy system.


the benefits of fixed, transparent-cost solar panels.

We believe you deserve a local company that cares about you. You deserve a choice! We help you go solar today so that you can enjoy a stress-free, greener tomorrow.