Can solar energy save me money? It’s a question you might be asking. After all, in 2022, there’s no escaping inflation. It’s everywhere, from the higher gas prices at the pump to the sky-rocketing grocery store bills. If that wasn’t enough to give your budget sleepless nights, the looming threat of recession causes us added fear and uncertainty.

Although there are few silver linings to be found in the news, Steel City Solar has some good news amidst the economic doom and gloom.

In a World of Uncertainty, Solar Energy Puts You in Control

Are you fed up with the roller coaster energy bills and getting shocked by yet another unpredictable rate hike? We understand. Before switching to solar energy, we experienced how difficult it was to stay on budget when you’re at the mercy of the power company. But with solar panels you can take advantage of the free, abundant energy that shines down from the sun. There are very few things in this world that are free and even fewer as powerful as something that could keep your appliances and lights running.

Using solar energy gives you the opportunity to produce more energy than you use. This surplus can result in an energy credit from the energy company, lowering your bill. You also don’t have to worry about losing power when it’s cloudy or dark at night. With Steel City Solar, we keep your electricity tied to the energy grid. That means nothing will change with your energy provider (except those skyrocketing bills). You’ll still get the same secure, consistent service you’re used to.

Now is the Time to Lock in Low-Interest Rates on Solar Systems

At Steel City Solar, we provide homeowners with the financing options they might need for their solar system installations. Now is a great time to take full advantage of the market’s low-interest rates. If you are financing your solar system, it’s in your best interest to lock in your interest rate now before they rise.

If you own your home, a new solar installation will likely increase your property value, but won’t increase your taxes. Colorado legislature prevents property tax increases for property value increases due to new solar installations.

Take Advantage of the Biggest Solar Tax Benefit in 2022

There’s another time-sensitive incentive we thought you should know about. 2022 is scheduled by the IRS to be the last year for the 26% tax credit for new solar installations. In 2023, the credit will be reduced to 22%. So if you’re considering installing solar panels, it pays in savings to take advantage of this credit in 2022.

Interest rates and rebates change quickly. All it takes is a day for stocks to plummet, and for interest rates to rise. While we can’t predict when these things will happen, we can act quickly to take advantage of the savings that are currently available. Adding solar to your home in 2022 is a win-win. With low interest rates and the highest tax credit refund rate, there’s no better time than the present to finance your solar system installation.

We Can Guide You Through Solar Panel Financing in Southern Colorado

Reach out to Steel City Solar. We are experts in solar system installation and will ensure that we maximize your home’s energy production and walk you through the options to finance your solar purchase. You will keep more money in the bank and slowly pay off your investment with an improvement that will add value to your home and give you energy savings for years to come.

We offer free, in-home consultations and can show you how a solar system can be customized to your home’s specific needs. In addition, we can help make your home more efficient. Although our business is based on solar energy, our mission is to do everything we can to save the residents of Southern Colorado as much on their energy bills as possible. We firmly believe you have better ways to spend your hard-earned money than on hefty energy bills and you probably agree!