Empower Your Home

Improve your energy efficiency and lower your utility bills with the San Isabel Electric Association Empower Program delivered by Steel City Solar. 

There’s More to Saving Energy Than Going Solar.

If you really want to take control of your energy bills, you need to take two important steps:

SAVING energy


The Empower Program will help you do both.


Your FREE energy assessment will help you identify places throughout your home to reduce energy usage, including your appliances, heating and cooling, insulation, and more.


We’ll help you create a personalized energy-saving bundle–a combination of energy-saving products to help you meet your energy goals. From whole house fans and efficient doors and windows to solar power and insulation, you’ll choose the products that work best for your needs.


In addition to your monthly energy savings, we’ll help you make the most of your bundle with exclusive rebates from the San Isabel Electric  Association. And the best part? If you include solar power in your bundle, the 26% federal solar tax credit applies to your entire bundle! 

Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Save money from day one when you bundle solar with energy-efficient upgrades.

Let's talk

Our energy experts will help you find ways to improve your energy efficiency and make a customized plan of action.

Level up

Together with Southern Colorado’s top providers, we’ll help you get the upgrades that will reduce your energy usage.

Save big

Stabilize your energy bills and save thousands with a solar system built to meet the needs of your newly efficient home. 

Use Less. Produce More.

We’re proud the Empower Program trusts our local company to bring you savings on home efficiency and solar power.

Energy Assessment