It’s the season of scares, but here at Steel City Solar, we believe your electric bill shouldn’t make your heart race like a Halloween thriller. If you’ve experienced that mailbox shock and your electric bill feels more like a rollercoaster that you want to get off, we’ve got the perfect cure: this fall, switch to solar energy. 

We helped hundreds of West Pueblo home and business owners save thousands of dollars on their electric bills. You may have seen a neighbor get a solar system installed and wondered about the possibilities. We’re here to let you know the process is easy and affordable. 


Is installing solar panels in West Pueblo affordable?


We get this question a lot! We like to say that with installing solar panels, there’s nothing to be scared of. Although we did run into a rattlesnake on a recent installation, you have nothing to fear. You can reach out to us for a free estimate and find out if solar power is a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Here are a few ways to know if solar panels are right for you:

Do you own your home or business? Since solar panels are a permanent installation, you’ll need to be the owner of the building. Even if you’re still paying a mortgage on a home or business, you’re still considered the owner.

Do you have a southern-facing roof? You’ll get the most solar rays with this orientation.

Does your roof have sun exposure? Your roof shouldn’t be shaded to maximize the sun exposure your solar panels get. 

Solar panels can not only help you end the nightmare of roller coaster energy bills, but help you do your part to fight one of the scariest of global issues: climate change. Your choice to install solar can make you one of the planet’s superheroes —- no costume necessary! 


What other ways can I save on my energy bills?


We’re glad you asked. When it comes to energy efficiency, there are some monsters that might be lurking, perhaps right in the room you’re sitting in now! Don’t worry, they can’t hurt you, but they can do a number on your wallet. Who are the typical offenders? 

Have no fear, Steel City has a team of experts in energy efficiency that can come provide you a free estimate. Just think of them as the GhostBusting team for detecting those energy sucking home entities such as: appliances, heating and cooling equipment, and air seals. 

They’ll walk you through the steps you can take to make your home run more efficiently. Your household budget will thank you for it! We can even install many of the efficiency systems like electric thermal storage units, insulation, and ventilation fans so you can make your home run better, quickly, and without any hassle. 


Be Afraid of Ghosting Solar Contractors


While solar panels can take care of a frightening electric bill, we do want to warn you about a scary solar scenario: ghosting contractors. We’ve heard from several frustrated West Pueblo homeowners who experienced this nightmare for themselves. These fly-by-night businesses come into town like a zombie invasion, but just as quickly as they arrive, they disappear without a trace. Sometimes they leave homeowners mid-project. We recently came to the rescue of one such homeowner and even made it on the local news for our efforts to help remedy the situation. Others ghost customers when an issue arises down the road. 

Here at Steel City Solar, we’re here for the long-term. We live and work here in West Pueblo, we’ve made investments in the community and hire local. We’re proud of our after-care service that means you always have someone here to answer any question or concern. We quickly send teams out to service past clients on a routine basis. With Steel City Solar, you won’t have to worry about getting ghosted. 

Fall is the perfect time to set up your new solar installation. Reach out to us by email or phone and easily schedule a free solar estimate. We’ll come out to your home and give a custom quote based on your needs and home specifications.