Commercial Solar Installation

If you own a commercial property and are looking to go green or possibly beat the energy company’s commercial rates, find out if solar power is right for you.



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Commercial Solar Installation

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The Right Size for Your Needs

Every business is different, that’s why we design customized systems to meet you and your tenant’s needs.
We will not over- or undersell you! Meeting with one of our solar energy consultants will help you determine if your commercial property is right for solar, and how much energy production your business will need.

Escape Instant Demand

Are you looking for ways to cut costs for your business or commercial property? The instant demand charges assessed by the power company limits your ability to lower your electric bill.

What is Instant Demand?

Instead of billing your business’ actual energy consumption, energy companies bill you based off your peak demand—the 60 seconds of the day when you use the most energy.
Typically this peak demand comes from the first moments of your workday when all of the machines in your property are turned on—computers, HVAC, lights, other machines, etc.
This means no matter how good your employees get at turning off the lights in the break room, it won’t lower your bill.

Can solar power lower your commercial electric bill?

Solar can solve the instant demand pricing problem! If your peak demand if under 50 kw/min (Black Hills) or 25 kw/min (San Isabel,) the power your solar panels produce will offset your peak energy consumption.

But what happens if your peak demand is still more than the cutoff?

Steel City Solar can set up systems to stagger the startup sequence of your HVAC, effectively spreading out that initial energy consumption over several minutes and preventing the 60 second peak demand.

Does solar sound right for your commercial business?

Schedule an on-site visit with our commercial solar consultant to learn more.