An Easy Way to Make a Big Impact on Climate Change

On January 28, 1969, a blowout on Union Oil’s Platform A caused an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean. The spill killed thousands of aquatic animals, polluting the Santa Barbara coast for years.

The spill outraged Americans. Up until then, few conversations about the environment were happening. Climate change wasn’t on anyone’s radar. As a result of this environmental disaster, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson encouraged nationwide teach-ins aimed at educating people about the environment.

Earth Day Promotes Protecting the Environment

On April 22, 1970, Senator Nelson gave a speech encouraging politicians to commit to the fight against pollution. From that day forward, Gaylord Nelson coined April 22 Earth Day to encourage people to support environmental protection. In response, President Richard Nixon proposed the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency. It was officially formed in December of 1970. For over 50 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has urged Americans to protect the air, land, and water.

Every year on April 22, people celebrate Earth Day by paying homage to the planet. That could be cleaning up a park, adding more recycling bins, or finding ways to cut down your plastic one-use waste.

Another fantastic way to show your commitment to sustainability is by investing in solar power for your home. Going solar will go a long way to helping the planet. If you’ve been thinking about it because of the energy cost savings, what better day to reach out for an estimate than on Earth Day. Here are a few reasons why going solar makes you a going green all-star!


Solar is one of the most renewable sources of energy on earth (well maybe in the solar system).  Renewable energy is a source of energy that can be constantly replenished.  The most common sources of renewable energy are solar, wind, and water. However, solar energy is the best free source of energy, with our sun continuously generating energy for us. With the help of solar panels, solar power converts energy from the sun into clean electricity. Converting to solar power this year will allow you to become less dependent on traditional forms of energy, such as fossil fuels.


Another reason to go solar this year is that it is less harmful than the usual energy sources. Fossil fuels, such as coal, crude oil, and natural gas, produce the most carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing these harmful emissions can help fight climate change. Solar power does not create air pollution or greenhouse gases. Therefore, switching to this form of energy will allow you to do your part to help improve the environment.


Going solar this year is an excellent idea because you will have much more control over your energy use. You can gain control of your energy use by installing a solar system. Solar panels, which are usually attached to your roof, create DC (direct current) electricity. The DC electricity is then converted into AC (alternating current) electricity using an inverter. An electrical panel distributes the AC electrical current to the grid and the house.

Your solar system can either be off-grid or on-grid. Off-grid systems are independent and are not connected to the utility grid.  Such systems use large batteries to store extra electricity produced during the day. One drawback is that the batteries can be expensive.

In an on-grid system, like we install for homeowners every day,  the home connects to the grid, but it is independent. The electricity created by the solar panels flows directly to the house. If the home needs more electricity than solar power provides, the grid from your energy supplier provides it. When the home uses less electricity, the excess energy gets sent to the power grid. The homeowner gets credits for this excess energy, known as net metering. The latter decreases the home’s reliance on the grid. Reducing your reliance on traditional electricity will help lessen your carbon footprint.


Going solar is a great way to show your commitment to sustainability. When you are ready to replace your old panels with new ones, you should recycle the old ones. Recycling the panels will keep chemicals, such as tin and lead, out of landfills and prevent pollution. This option will also show your commitment to a more sustainable environment, even after the panels’ life cycle completes.

Here at Steel City Solar, we’re committed to being part of the recycling solution. As a complimentary service to the community, we accept used solar panels for recycling from homeowners across our region.

Celebrate Earth Day with Solar Energy

If you are wondering how you can celebrate Earth Day in 2021, start with your home’s energy. Converting to solar power has many benefits for your wallet and the environment. Celebrate Earth Day by scheduling your free home estimate with Steel City Solar. We’ll come to your home and provide a custom quote that factors in your home size, location, and energy needs.