How to Save on Solar and Energy Costs

Many people have been looking into solar. They’re researching and reading about how to save money on their energy bills and help the environment at the same time. They’ve gotten estimates, which are sometimes all over the charts when it comes to pricing and service terms. Quite frankly, many consumers are left with sticker shock after a visit from some solar array companies.

But there’s a better solution than just randomly Googling contractors. With Steel City Solar, you have numerous ways to bundle and save on upgrades. Steel City Solar is proud to not only be a part of local electric bundles, like San Isabel’s Empower Program, but you can now bundle and save directly with Steel City Solar.

For consumers tired of predatory lending practices, high-pressure sales, and overall overwhelm that many have experienced dealing directly with a litany of for-profit companies in the energy industry, bundling can be a welcome relief.

We understand that everyone wants to save money on their utility bills. Steel City Solar’s goal is to do that by giving homeowners the chance to make energy-efficient improvements to their home through a bundled savings package. There are many companies out there looking to profit greatly off of consumers’ desires to go green and make energy-efficient upgrades. Many home improvements are expensive and it can quickly become confusing with so many options around.

Steel City Solar wants to change all that by giving homeowners back the control of their energy costs and putting more renewable energy sources in place for the welfare of our environment. It can be extremely frustrating to try to determine which contractor you can trust. So we’re simplifying the process for you. We’re proud to be able to offer this option to our customers.

Bundle and Save

Our bundle program lets you upgrade to meet your energy goals. Products that you can bundle include the sale and installation of energy-efficient technology such as QuietCool whole house fans, which dramatically cut down on AC cooling costs and provide better ventilation. Other products include home insulation, electric water heaters, industrial fans, electric forced air heaters, and air-source heat pumps.

Another innovative technology that the bundle program offers is Electric Thermal Storage units. This heating technology stores electric heat during off-peak hours when energy costs are cheaper. A super-insulated storage cavity is used to store ceramic bricks that are heated to 1,400°F. While it’s super hot on the inside, the outer container is completely safe to the touch. A fan moves air over the heated bricks, sending warm air throughout the room. It’s an amazing technology that keeps your home warm and comfortable, even on the coldest of days using a minimal amount of electricity.

And then, of course, there are our solar arrays, which we’ve specialized in for over 5 years. Bundling solar with other energy efficiency upgrades can make your solar power system more affordable. Your solar system will be grid-tied to your electric provider and net-metered. This means that when your solar array generates more energy than your home needs, the excess is sent to the electric grid and you’re compensated for the extra power you generated. Conversely, when your solar array isn’t producing enough electricity to meet your needs, like on a rainy day, you’re able to use the electricity grid, just like you normally would.

We’ve designed our bundling process to be super-simple for homeowners, with just three simple steps:

1) Contact us for a no-obligation consultation

One of our energy experts will contact you to review your Colorado Solar Panel needs and make a customized plan with a free energy assessment. Rather than upsell you on products you don’t want or need, they’re focused on keeping you within your budget and energy goals.

2) Choose your improvements

Work with trusted providers and get the upgrades that will save you the most money.

3) Get a tax credit

When bundled with solar panels, the total cost of your efficiency upgrades is eligible for a 26% tax credit.

Contact Steel City Solar today to set up your free consultation.